Ocean Eyes

Sheer skirts and ocean visits… DSC01674 (2)




I find I am always drawn to water… The way it’s ripples glisten in the sunlight. It’s sheer outer skin; somewhat opaque, somewhat mysterious.

Although a wide aquatic mass, you are not intimidated, but rather comforted.

Spending time along the sea shore; to reflect, absorb, be silent and reminisce is a therapeutic encounter.

My cousins and I would stroll to this exact place and take part in stone skipping competitions amongst ourselves. Bouncing pebbles across it’s glimmering surface.

A sheer maxi skirt teases the eye, although skin is visible, the opaque layer exudes a sense of playful conservatism.

As the temperature begins to rise, sheer skirts give your outfit an element of versatility as well as optimum ventilation ensuring you don’t overheat!

Sheer skirts and ocean visits, independently or together, never disappoint…


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